Ancient Kallos AW 2021

PENELOPE commissioned by Greek brand Ancient Kallos to create some hand woven acessorries for AW2021.
Finest Products such as organic cotton and Greek wool are chosen especially for this commission of hand woven products.

The products are designed and made in hand loom especially for Greek brand Ancient Kallos. It is a woven accessory that decorates a tote bag and it is made with the finest Greek wool and organic cotton .

It is a higly quality scarf with the finest materials very soft. It is inspired by Greek colors. Both of the products is an ode to Greek revolution and are made to celebrate the 200 years of the Greek liberation.


L O O M   H E R I T A G E   M E E T S   M O D E R N   A R T

MOMus Museum of Modern Art
Greek Loom Heritage meets Contemporary Art

PENELOPE collaborates with the Museum of Mondern Art. The products of the company are exposed in the gift shop of the museum. Woven bags and some of the homeware collection are the products who can find someone in the Museum gift shop .