The Weaver

Meropi Ververi

At PENELOPE, we are dedicated to preserving and revitalizing the ancient art of weaving. Our founder, Meropi Ververi, a talented designer and weaver, has honed her skills over many years and draws inspiration from her grandmother's legacy. With a background in interior design, she brings a unique perspective to her craft and strives to infuse modern design into traditional techniques. We are committed to using only the finest raw materials, such as Greek wool and silk, directly sourced from local producers. This not only ensures the quality of our products, but also supports sustainable and environmentally conscious practices. Our products are created on traditional Greek-made manual wooden looms, reflecting the designer's professional journey and showcasing the timeless beauty of hand-weaving.
At PENELOPE, we believe in the power of handmade goods and the importance of preserving traditional arts for future generations. All of our products are crafted by hand in Greece, ensuring authenticity and exceptional quality. Our goal is to revive the art of weaving and promote sustainable clothing production through the use of eco-friendly materials and techniques. We invite you to discover the beauty and artistry of our handmade products, and to join us in supporting a more planet-friendly way of producing clothing.
Expertly handcrafted and handwoven products made in Greece.

The creation of textiles and related products is the result of the amalgamation of traditional methodologies and a contemporary understanding of aesthetic appeal, leading to the development of original product designs.

The Loom Heritage

The preservation of the Greek heritage in the art of weaving is evident throughout the entire weaving process. The yarn, known as the warp, is arranged on the loom using traditional techniques, and the textile is then crafted through the weaving procedure, maintaining the timeless Greek tradition.

Slowmade Process

The process of producing the yarn is made on the traditional Greek way of spinning the wool. Our goal is to support a friendly to the environment production of yarn and textile.

Studio - Showroom

Thessaloniki, Greece, Europe

Welcome to our studio located in the vibrant city of Thessaloniki, Greece. Our facility not only serves as an exhibition of our products, but also as a functional laboratory where all of our manipulations take place. During your visit, you will have the opportunity to witness the entire cycle of weaving, from raw wool to the finished product. At our studio, we believe in providing hands-on experiences for our visitors. This is why we have made it possible for you to experiment with weaving on one of our looms. We invite you to make your own piece of cloth and take home a unique and personal creation. Come and immerse yourself in the art of weaving and learn about the rich tradition and techniques behind it. We look forward to your visit and hope you leave with a deeper appreciation of this timeless craft.
Experience the fusion of classical Greek heritage and contemporary design at our modern workshop.

Studio - Showroom

Experience the art of weaving through a guided tour and interaction with our products on display in our innovative exhibition space