W E A V I N G    A R T   W O R K S H O P S

Weaving Traditional Techniques through Contemporary Approach


Welcome to the loom weaving workshop!

In our workshop, we emphasize creativity and the evolution of the art of weaving. By choosing to participate in one of our tapestry loom weaving seminars, you embark on a journey to create your own unique works of art in the form of tapestries.

Regardless of your skill level, whether you are a beginner or an advanced participant, our workshops provide an opportunity to explore the world of loom weaving. No prior knowledge of weaving on a handloom or tapestry loom is required, as we offer specialized guidance for each level.

"During the workshops, you will have the opportunity to appreciate traditional techniques that can be incorporated into contemporary art pieces, such as tapestries, and explore ways to adapt them to woven fabrics. The instruction is guided with professionalism and care, assisting you in developing your skills and creating artworks that express your individuality.

Let's explore the broader community of loom weaving together and create unique and astonishing works of art!


Welcome to the Loom Weaving Workshop!

In our workshop, we cultivate an environment that nurtures creativity and the development of your weaving skills. By choosing to participate, you have the opportunity to create unique woven fabrics of your choice using a loom.

Whether you are a beginner without prior experience in weaving or using a loom, or if you wish to deepen your knowledge, we have designed workshops that cater to every skill level. You can start with a beginner's seminar, even without prior experience, or choose advanced workshops to enhance your weaving skills.

We also offer customized weaving workshops tailored to your preferences and needs. If you are interested in learning the technique of setting the warp on the loom; we provide independent seminars for you to specialize in setting the warp on the loom and preparing for weaving, allowing you to 'dress' the loom with a warp.

Come, let's explore the beauty of the art of weaving on a loom together and create unique pieces that reflect your imagination and personality.

    *Workshops take place on specific dates, feel free to secure your place on the waiting list.